Summer Special Zone Mix 201701:01:47

Summer Special Zone Mix 2017

  1. Therr Maitz - 365 (Luxesonix Remix)
  2. Deep Sound Effect Feat. Cotry - Summer Mood (Andrey Kravtsov Remix)
  3. Love Vibes feat. Valentina - Under My Skin (Deepjack Remix)
  4. Barbary & Monoteq Feat. Mary S.K. - Love To Find (Ian Tosel & Arthur M Remix)
  5. GaredMoher - Needs Feel Love (Bee Yell Remix)
  6. Pavel Svetlove feat. Veselina Popova - My All (Olej Remix)
  7. 34:14 (Missing)
  8. Stoned Bears - Love Me Again (Original Mix)
  9. Kadebostany - Joy & Sorrow (Slider & Magnit Remix)
  10. Soulshade & Jaytor Feat. Elodia - Touch The Sky (Sharapov Remix)
  11. West K feat. Lofthill Music - Californication (Sharapov Remix)
  12. Manuel Riva - Sacred Touch (feat. Misha Miller) (Dave Andres Remix)

Credit to rOXOrR2

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