Summer Special The Good Mix 201701:05:26

Summer Special The Good Mix 2017

  1. Lady Gaga - The Cure (Spiros Hamza Remix)
  2. Melih Aydogan - You (Feat. Kate Wild)
  3. Yll Limani - Ke pi sonte shume (Gon Haziri Remix)
  4. Mar G Rock & Di Fiori - Love On My Mind (Mad Morello & Igi Remix)
  5. Kiesza - Cut Me Loose (Monkey MO Remix)
  6. Natasha Baccardi - Seven Senses (Nu Gianni Remix)
  7. Da Buzz - Still Miss You (Mr. DJ MONJ Remix)
  8. Justan - To A Groove (G.LEF Remix)
  9. Kieron A Gore - The Light (Roman Starikoff Remix)
  10. Gurkan Asik - Make А Move
  11. Deep Sound Effect feat. Irina Makosh - Rain Is Gone (Original Mix)
  12. Anton Ishutin feat. Tiana - Deeply In My Soul (Anton Ishutin Spring Touch Mix)
  13. Therr Maitz – 365 (Anton Ishutin Remix)

Credit to rOXOrR2

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